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© 2020 Umbrella Wellness by Laura Farrrington & George Brown

This is the first Mindfulness exercise of the course. It’s always seen as one of the simplest, quickest and most effective ways to become mindful. Therefore it’s a nice exercise to start off with! Some might have heard the term "Practising Gratitude".

    • Gratitude journaling, like many gratitude practices, can lower your stress levels.
    • It can help you feel calmer, especially at night.
    • Journaling can give you a new perspective on what is important to you and what you truly appreciate in your life.

Day 1 | Gratitude

Box breathing is a powerful, yet simple, relaxation technique that aims to return breathing to its normal rhythm. This breathing exercise may help to clear the mind, relax the body, and improve focus.

    • Simple starter for beginners to meditation
    • No previous experience required
    • Simple and effective

Day 2 | Box Breath

Morning routines are the perfect way to set yourself up for the day, especially while we are all working from home. A morning routine is said to boost happiness, increase productivity, reduce stress levels and get you grounded and settled for the day.

Day 3 | Morning Routine