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Stress in the workplace.....


It's 2018 and it’s no secret that stress and anxiety have a negative effect on productivity in the workplace.


We all know friends or family that have taken time off work because of a stress related illness - whether mental or physical -  or even pulled a sicky (A mental health day a friend of mine calls it!) We all enjoy a day off, but the stresses that make us take the day off in the first place needs to be addressed.  Nowadays, we see more and more Companies  taking accountability for their employee’s health and well-being.  Wellness programs are being implemented in the major global corporations and yoga is paving the way as the most popular office wellness trend. 


Stress can bring about a shocking amount of health problems and they can manifest physically (muscle pain, headaches, upset stomachs, chest pain) or mentally (anxiety, restlessness, feeling overwhelmed and depression).


Let’s look at a quick fact...


In 2013 alone, about 55,000 workers in Ireland were affected by work-related illness, resulting in a total loss of 790,000 productive days. According to the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), musculoskeletal disorders - affecting different parts of the body used for movement including the skeleton, muscles, tendons and ligaments - is responsible for the vast majority of absences, at 50pc. This is followed by work-related stress, anxiety and depression (SAD) at 18pc. The research, published found the average length of absence in 2013 was 17 days for stress, anxiety and depression and 15.9 days for MSD. The average duration for all other types of work-related illness was 12.8 days.  It goes without saying that a stressed out and weary workforce serves nobody, but pretty soon, productivity goes down the plughole.  (


Unfortunately, stress, burnout and workplace anxiety are on the rise, which is upsetting because in this day and age we know more about the causes and effects of stress than ever before.  Why can't we find the balance in our daily lives?  This could be down to a number of factors i.e. information overload, lack of education, social media addiction, toxic work environments etc....  It can even be taboo to talk about being stressed in the workplace!


If an organisation cares about the happiness and welfare of their workforce, not only will the individual have a greater quality of life, they will have a more pleasant work environment.  The employer will have a happy and more effective workforce which in-turn leads to a reduced absenteeism, sick leave and burnout.  





My Story....


I worked in the corporate environment for 6 years so I am no stranger to the trials and tribulations that can be faced in a busy office setting.  Having worked for a global company and on a global team, life was always hectic.  The constant barrage of e-mails, the never ending admin and sales targets definitely started to take its toll on my physical and mental health.  I tried everything from Pilates, a Personal Trainer, Meditation, Running, Spin class and Cross-fit.  I even started using the pub - as did the majority of my colleagues -  as an outlet for my frustration and adrenaline.  Only one thing was making me feel better, it was Yoga. However, I couldn't seem to find the work-life balance. 


Yoga gave me a glimpse into a more balanced and calm world. The more