Special Events Yoga 

If you have a special event such as an office party, wedding or team event, Umbrella Wellness has a range of  Yoga services that are tailored to your needs. 

Here are some examples:

  • Wine Yoga

  • Hen Parties

  • Weddings 

  • Festivals

  • Charity events

  • Office wellness days 

  • One to one Yoga 

Each event is tailored for the group, if you would like some Yoga at an event coming up get in touch and let us know about it! 

Wine Yoga 

How it works:

Some might think that Wine and Yoga are not a natural pair, but it is a great way to unwind, laugh and have a very social Yoga experience! Its gaining popularity all over the world and there is one reason why - Its good fun for all! 

If you are thinking about planning a Hen or have a party coming up with the office or sports club

Vinyasa Vino is a fantastic way to bring the group together and prepare for a night out!

We provide the mats, straps, eye masks, straws and shot glasses that will be needed for the class, we also provide the music which can be pre-selected on request. 

We bring a selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks that will be used for on the spot shots! (best & worst balance/pose etc) 

Also included are on the spot prizes which consist of bottles of gin & Prosecco.

You get the group together, each person will only need to bring two or three bottles of beer for the 60 minute class. It is important that you bring a drink you like to drink, it can be a tough event if you are forced to drink something you don't normally drink!

Get in touch if you are interested to hear more, You can fill in this quick form to let us know what you are looking for and we will get back to you! Its a very flexible event and if you have any preferences we can tailor for them! 

Office Wellness Days/Events

Many companies realise that a happy healthy workforce can greatly improve productivity and moral. Company wellness days aims to educate employees towards a more healthy lifestyle in a fun and interesting way.  Research has shown that when individuals take care of themselves and make positive lifestyle changes, they are happier, miss less work and are more productive. It is also a nice break from work routine and a chance to get together with colleagues in a more relaxed environment. 

Every office is different and wellness programs should be tailored to facilitate the needs and interests of the workforce. Irish Yoga Girl tailor office wellness days based on what the employee would benefit from the most, based of their own goals. 

After the initial meeting with the company

wellness team or HR, we send out a survey

to the employees to best tailor to their


We then form a program based around

the following activities:

  • Office Yoga and meditation sessions

  • Healthy habits workshop

  • Nutrition for the office environment

  • Morning routines to win the day

  • Mindfulness workshop

  • Stress and Anxiety management


If you are interested in a tailored company wellness program delivered by Irish Yoga Girl, fill in the form with your own wellness goals and we will then get in touch to discuss options for your office.

How it works:

Function Yoga 

If you are interested in having Yoga at a private or public event, please get in touch.

Examples include:

  • Weddings 

  • Hen parties

  • Festivals

  • Charity events

Available anywhere in Ireland, all equipment provided.

How it works:

Get in touch with us and let us know what you would like and what your preferences are. You can fill in this quick form to let us know a little more about what you are planning and we will get back to you! 

One to One Yoga 

I also provide one to one Yoga or small group Yoga for those new or experienced to Yoga trying to enhance their Yoga practice.

It is a great way to enhance your own Yoga progress if you feel that classes are to generic for your physical and spiritual needs. This one to one Yoga is tailored specifically to your ability and goals, involving all aspects of Yoga movement and meditation. In addition to the individual instruction you will also be given tailored Yoga sequences to practice in your own time between instructional periods.


Whatever your goal is, weight loss, toning certain muscle groups post injury or just general, relaxation techniques, meditation practices which suit your mind activity. If interested send an email with your Yoga experience and what you would like out of one to one Yoga. 

Examples of goals include:

  • Advanced Yoga movements

  • Headstands 

  • Greater flexiblitly

  • Toning and weightloss

  • Backbends

  • Guided Mindfulness

How it works:

Fill in the form below with your goals and a little bit about you. I will get in touch to have a chat over the phone or email. Ideally this service is based in and around Dublin. 

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