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Office Wellness Days/Events

Many companies realise that a happy healthy workforce can greatly improve productivity and moral. Company wellness days aims to educate employees towards a more healthy lifestyle in a fun and interesting way.  Research has shown that when individuals take care of themselves and make positive lifestyle changes, they are happier, miss less work and are more productive. It is also a nice break from work routine and a chance to get together with colleagues in a more relaxed environment. 

Every office is different and wellness programs should be tailored to facilitate the needs and interests of the workforce. Umbrella Wellness tailor office wellness days based on what the employee would benefit from the most, based of their own goals. 


How it works:

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Previous Wellness Day Programs

Here are two examples of Wellness Day Programs that Umbrella Wellness designed and delivered. 

Example 1 - Delivered to a large multinational alcoholic distilling company based near St James Gate, Dublin. 25 attendee's.

We discuss with the HR team/wellness team what you would like to include in your wellness day, we can also advise and help give you ideas based on what we have seen  work. 

We then form a program based around the following activities:

  • Beginner Yoga and meditation sessions

  • Healthy habits workshop

  • Nutrition for the office environment

  • Morning routines to win the day

  • Mindfulness workshop

  • Stress and Anxiety management

  • Self Motivation 

If you are interested in a tailored company wellness program delivered by Umbrella Wellness, fill in the inquiry form with your own wellness goals and we will then get in touch to discuss options for your office.

Example 2 - The Umbrella Wellness team designed and implemented a 3.5 day wellness program for a large multinational company at an all hands event in Dubai 2018. 110 attendee's.