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Office Wellness

Talks & Workshops

We provide presentations on wellbeing issues in order to educate people in order to better look after themselves. Our talks are a mix of lecture and workshop based learning, with more of a focus on practical exercises where possible, rather than just theory. 

For the majority of our subjects, the audience will actively be forming a new plan, that is realistic to them, in order to implement changes to their lifestyle. 

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Stress & Anxiety Workshop

  • Guides participants through understanding stress, anxiety​, and mental health


  • Teaches mindfulness techniques to stay mentally health and resilient, that can be used everyday


  • Gives each participant a workbook to use in the workshop, that they may take home to help them practice and keep up the techniques at home 


Nutrition Talks

  • Topic 1 - Healthy Meals, and Meal Prepping

    • Delve into how to prepare for a healthy week & what would make a good shopping list

  • Topic 2 - Office Nutrition Hacks

    • Tricks and Tips on how to make  how to avoid bad eating habits and build healthy ones while at work

  • Including 4 more talks on a range of nutrition related topics.​


Stress & Anxiety Workshop

What is it?

This workshop is designed to help understand both stress, anxiety, and all around help people understand what it is to be mentally health. Consisting of two parts, first we will bring you through what mental health, stress, and anxiety are, recognising them, and how the effect our daily lives.


The second part of this workshop will focus on how mindfulness can help combat the stress and anxiety we experience in our daily lives, how it can improve our overall mental health and resilience. This will be done by teaching exercises and concepts that can be implemented easily everyday. 

How does it work?

To teach the participants of the workshop mindfulness and mindfulness exercises we use our Mindfulness Workbook, which we have designed specifically for this workshop and updated continuously to improve its effectiveness.  Each individual will receive our Mindfulness Workbook at the start of the workshop. This will be used as we go through each mindfulness concept, then we will have them put that concept into practice and record it in the workbook.
Each exercise takes around 10 minutes to complete and they class will do each exercise once in the workshop. After this they will take the workbook home and bring one of the mindfulness exercises into their day for a week, before moving onto the next exercise. 


Nutrition Talks

We offer nutrition talks that cover multiple areas of nutrition. These are designed to help people who work in the office, and help not just their diets but also help develop healthy habits, including tricks and tips to make a fulfilling, well rounded experience. There is also a Q&A session at the end to help people further understand any nutrition concepts or general questions they have.

Our nutritionist is Shane O'Rourke (M.A in Nutrition), Shane previously worked as a Broker Consultant for 3 years before embarking on his fitness journey. He saw first-hand common mistakes regarding nutrition in the office environment. His goal is to educate people about simple and effective ways to change the most common mistakes seen in the office, and impart on how to make better food choices. He feels that the more people know about food, the easier it will become for the individual to make the right choices.

Further Information

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