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Umbrellas Founding

Umbrella Wellness, originally started as Irish Yoga Girl, was set up by Laura Farrington and George Brown. Having worked many years in the corporate environment, they witnessed the lack of awareness around mental and physical well-being. They saw and experienced the effects of not looking after one’s own mental health.

Starting Irish Yoga Girl

Laura, seeking to find a way to create a positive work life balance, left her corporate job to travel to India to become a Yoga Teacher. After returning, she spent many months honing her skills before Irish Yoga Girl was born. Irish Yoga Girl initially offered one service, which was their 8 Week Yoga and Mindfulness Course delivered in workplaces around Dublin. This was very well received and is still one of their core services, however they have expanded across Ireland into providing all manner of wellness actives such as Company Wellness Days and Wellness & Nutrition talks, while also expanding the fitness classes they provide, such as Pilates and Hiit Training. 

Umbrella Wellness Now

This shift towards providing more than just Yoga services brought about a re-brand, Irish Yoga Girl was changed to Umbrella Wellness to reflect the new services it provided. 

All services that Umbrella Wellness provide are tailored to the office environment, all instructors come from a corporate background. We deliver these service on site or in a venue close by, to help people create a more effective work/life balance.