Our Pre-Covid Work

In mid-March 2020 we had to stop our normal business operations like many others due to Covid-19.


Before this we were busier than ever providing all manner of physical and mental wellbeing sessions to companies across Ireland. Our main line of work was working with workplaces to provide the right wellbeing activities that would suit the company. Sometimes, we worked with clients for a single event, other times we planned and executed yearlong plans for our long term clients.   

We would host sessions in workplaces, providing the instructors and equipment.

Our Services Included:

  • Yoga Courses

  • Pilates Courses

  • HIIT Courses

  • Meditation Courses

  • Mindfulness Workshops

  • Financial Wellness

  • Nutrition Talks

  • Animal Flow Classes

  • Self Defence Courses

  • Women’s Self Defence Courses

  • Mindful Drawing Workshops

  • Pimp My Porridge Events

  • Desk Yoga

  • Guest Speakers

  • Company Wellness Days

  • Long term Wellness Plans

All our services were tailored to office workers.

In our 5 years of operation, we have worked with over 70 companies, provided every type of Wellness to 1,000’s of employees across Ireland and had a great team of 3 full time and 12 part time staff. 2020 was set to be a big year for us as we had ambitious plans.

Within 3 weeks of shutting down our normal operations, we launched our Work From Home Wellness Package. This was very well received by our regular clients. Luckily we had access to amazing instructors and our existing relationships meant that the package had a very quick implementation time.


We have been making amendments each month to the package based on feedback.

During April 2020, we were delighted to partner with the DogsTrust in their 300 Down Dogs for April fundraiser event, where we provided a free online Yoga class each day for April. Over €50,000 was raised during this time.


We are no longer an Onsite Wellness Provider, now we see ourselves as an Online Workplace Wellness Provider for the long haul, until there is a vaccine. 

Until then, all our time and energy goes into our Work From Home Wellness Package, keeping it fresh, exciting and engaging.

We hope to see you all back in your office soon, with our mats, straps and blocks!

Founders Laura & George.