At Umbrella Wellness, we provide all manner of office wellness, from on site & online classes, wellness talks and consultations, we can help your organisation look after your employee's well-being.

All services that Umbrella Wellness provide are tailored to the office environment. We deliver these services on site or in a venue close by, to help people create a more effective work/life balance.

Our Online Workplace Wellbeing Services Include
* New: Work From Home Wellness Package

Yoga  // Pilates  // HIIT // Nutrition // Financial Wellness // Wellness Days // Meditation // // Mindfulness //

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Fun at Yoga
Warrior One
Child's Pose
Yoga Supply Wall
Practicing Yoga
Women Stretching
Yoga Class
Image by Anupam Mahapatra
Classes Tailored to the Office Environment
Perfect for Beginners
Instructors Experienced with Office Environments
All Equipment Provided

Companies we have worked with through our Online Wellness Program:

Companies we have worked with: 

Work from Home
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