The Workplace Wellness Hub

Our Online Wellbeing Solution for onsite or a hybrid workforce. 

  • Each month we design and run a diverse Wellbeing Program.


  • Companies can subscribe to these months in order to provide a Wellbeing solution for Staff.

  • We create the Wellbeing program for your workplace, making sure all topics are covered by one supplier.

  • We cover both physical and mental aspects of wellbeing throughout the month, all our activities stem from our four pillars.


Each week there are several live sessions that are recorded.

Our on-demand wellness player for recorded sessions.

Employers looking to provide online wellness for their staff during Covid-19.

Each month we change the line-up based off feedback. 


How does it work?

Each weekday, there are several Live Wellbeing Sessions hosted on Zoom.


All sessions are recorded so those that can’t make the Live Sessions can catch up in their own time on our Wellplayer.

Each Month we change the line up slightly, our clients can let us know what they would like to see, and we add it to the line up.

Companies can sign up for single sessions, a week, or a month.


The Wellplayer

Our site for on demand Wellness. The Wellplayer is used as an information hub for all users. Staff can check out the latest recording or join the Live Zoom sessions directly from the Wellplayer.

All materials from the sessions can be downloaded also, as well as the timetable and class descriptions.

The Wellplayer is able to track staff usage, so at the end of the month we can report on how your company engaged with the service.


Who is it for?

Employers looking to provide online wellness for their staff during Covid - 19.

We cater to micro, small, medium, and large organisations that have staff working remotely or in office.


This package is a fantastic way to provide a work perk for staff by providing staff with online sessions.

No minimum sign up required, you can sign up for a month, a week or a day


Monthly Timetable

Each month we change the line-up based off feedback. Some months have a special focus around notable wellbeing dates or events.

World Mental Health Day, Workplace Wellbeing Day and many others we make sure are covered.

A new addition is family friendly workouts and kid’s art sessions for school midterm breaks or when schools are closed.

We always have a diverse line up to ensure that all interests within a company are catered to.

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