4 Office Healthy Hacks most people are missing out on!

It's getting to that time of year again, December, Festive season, were all the healthy eating and good intentions go out the window and the majority of us (well at least my friends) turn into a pack of wild drunken animals that terrorize the streets of Dublin from December, 1st onward. Lol, jk, Just Kidding!! That was more me in my early/mid twenties. At around 28 when the hangovers became so traumatizing that they were inducing mild panic attacks, I knew I had to approach this festive month a little differently. I have worked in the office environment for the majority of my career so understand how the system works. I am convinced that if you have a healthy and disciplined November th

How to Make Kombucha (booch) in 5 Easy Steps

Hey Guys, It's been a while! Monday is now blog day so I am hoping to get a motivating blog published at the start of every week on the lead up to Christmas. I recently attended a fabulous Kombucha workshop in Fia Cafe (www.fia.ie) ran by Roisin Culligan which has inspired and renewed my love for fermented food. I knew I liked the taste of the hipster tea and was curious as to how this quirky tasting drink was made and more importantly how I can make it myself. Some of the kombucha drinks on the market have fruit juice added after the fermentation process, which will contribute to your overall sugar intake and can range from 10-15g per serve (two to three teaspoons), so if you have regu

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