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4 Office Healthy Hacks most people are missing out on!

It's getting to that time of year again, December, Festive season, were all the healthy eating and good intentions go out the window and the majority of us (well at least my friends) turn into a pack of wild drunken animals that terrorize the streets of Dublin from December, 1st onward. Lol, jk, Just Kidding!! That was more me in my early/mid twenties. At around 28 when the hangovers became so traumatizing that they were inducing mild panic attacks, I knew I had to approach this festive month a little differently.

I have worked in the office environment for the majority of my career so understand how the system works. I am convinced that if you have a healthy and disciplined November that this will lead to a more balanced and mindful December.

Here are my 4 tips for a Healthy November;

1: Learn to say NO!!

I used to be the worst for saying YES to those after work pints. It was partly because I had the worst FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and I also like to people please. This gave me nothing but a headache and unwanted belly fat.

I know it's difficult when someone is dangling cake and cookies in front of your face but I promise you saying no to those things gets easier and easier the more you say it. It's never worth the calories and surge of sugar and energy (that has no-where to go when you are glued to a desk all day).

Tip: Keep fruit and healthy treats close by so you're not overly tempted

2: Prep like a Boss!

Don't over-think this one. Meal prep is easy and it only gets complicated when you make it that way. Try and food prep on a Sunday and Wednesday so your food stays fresh and pick different proteins and vegetable to keep it interesting. Carbohydrates are not the enemy however be mindful of portion sizes. Again, if you are sitting at a desk all day not moving those carbs have no-where to go.

Tip: But yourself a food scale - this has opened my eyes to portion control! Click here to see the scales I use, it's just 15€

3: All Hail Hydration!!

Ask yourself right now "how much water on average do I drink everyday" if it's not 3L then you're not drinking enough. Start of your day with a pint of water and squeeze of lemon - this will kick-start your metabolism and get all systems on the right track for a healthy day ahead.

Take extra care on days you are consuming alcohol. Prioritize your water consumption before you start drinking to avoid being messy and nursing a nasty hangover.

Tip: Keep a 2L bottle of water at your desk so that it's staring you in the face throughout the day and you have no choice but to drink it.

4: Keep it Moving

From my experience I find that people use Christmas time as an excuse to bow out of their healthy eating habits and fitness regime. You are setting yourself up for a tough January if this is your approach. Keep finding that time and space for yourself to look after your health and body. It's so important that you don't abuse it. Find the balance. Go out with your friends and co-workers for the night but then prioritize your fitness class and healthy eating habits for later on. December more than any other month is a time to find harmony. Creating some lasting healthy habits in November will help lead you into the Christmas spirit the healthiest way possible.

Remember, preparation is everything. You got this!

Click here to read how to food prep in 5 simple steps!!



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