What is Meditation?

“Everyone knows that training makes our body stronger, fitter and more flexible. Now, neuroscience research shows that meditation training cultivates the innate capacities of the mind to be present, to step out of automatic pilot and to create space so we can be clearer, calmer, more focused, more creative and even more compassionate.” - Joanne O’ Malley

Meditation, simply put, is a practice that helps us to learn and manage the patterns of our mind.

Many people say that they can’t meditate because their minds won’t stop chattering, they can’t focus and they constantly drift off into other thoughts. Frustrated, they often give up exploring meditation.

This mind-set expresses the common mis-understanding that meditating means having no thoughts. While moving into inner stillness and a peaceful mind state is one of the many fruits of the meditation practice, it is not the goal of the practice itself. There doesn’t have to be a goal. Even the most practiced meditators have only rare moments of complete inner stillness and quiet. In meditating we open the windo