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Electric Picnic: 5 Festival Hacks

The biggest festival of the year is quickly approaching and I am so EXCITED!!! I will be there bright eyed and busy tailed on Sunday teaching yoga (of the detox kind ) while also calming the minds of my fellow festival goers.

I have put together 5 of my top tips that have helped me make the most out of any festival I have been to (which is a lot) I hope they help you to!

1: Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!!

I cannot stress the importance of hydration during a festival weekend and it is an easy thing to forget..... Think ahead and pack yourself some 1liter bottles of water that you can chug before going to sleep and as soon as you wake up - this can be the difference between a vicious hangover and just feeling a little off. It will also revive you and ensure that there are no lingering 5 day hangovers ruining your fun :)

2: Invest in the Basics:

  • Invest your money in good durable wellies, the chance of rain is always high in Ireland so you won't regret it if it starts to downpour.

  • A tent with a porch - the rain was so bad one year that the whole tent got destroyed with our dirty clothes and shoes. You can leave your boots and clothes in the porch and your sleeping area will stay reasonably clean.

  • Inflatable Mattress - if you really want to ensure a comfortable nights sleep this, for me, was a game changer - I can't sleep on the hard ground for three days in a row, it's just not enjoyable.

3: . Keep loading on that SPF

I know I sound like your granny but it really is important. Sleeping on the floor is hard enough, without factoring in crippling sunburn.

4: Set an Intention;

This may sound a little fluffy for all you festival goers but I find that sometimes things can get a little out of hand at festivals so I always like to set a little intention for myself.

"Everything in moderation" is my go-to.

Over-doing it can ruin the whole weekend - I have done this in the past - and you end up missing huge parts of the fun. Know your own limits when it comes to alcohol and know when it's time to pull and Irish exit and head off to your lovely blow-up mattress ;) You will thank yourself the next day.

5: Try Some Yoga ;)

There will be loads of wholesome activities going on that weekend so what not try some of them?

Come join me in the Dance Days tent on Sunday for some fun detox Yoga at 12PM

Ps: Never be to proud to rock a bum bag

Want to learn more about Wine Yoga?!?! Click Here

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