5 Fitness Tips to keep you trim this Festive Season.

It is my favorite month of the year - mainly because I can have mulled wine on a Tuesday and no-one will look at me sideways. It’s that time of year where we are being marketed to non-stop and consumption reaches an all time high. We eat and drink until we can’t physically move….. It’s silly season and I love it. <3

Although it is a time to let lose and enjoy time with friends and family, the overindulging can get tough not just physically but mentally also. If you are relatively healthy 11 months of the year then December can take its toll pretty quickly.

Here are my 5 Tips to keep you feeling somewhat balanced this December:

1: HYDRATE!!! - The word “Hydrate” is in every health and fitness blog on the planet so you see why I can’t not include it. It is even more relevant to hydrate when consuming alcohol and sugary treats over this Christmas season. The body will be severely dehydrated after the office party. You should be aiming f