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My Action Plan for 2018

For the first time in all of my 29 years, I am so looking forward to the month of January. Previously, in my old life, my only goal for the year was to hit my targets in work and make more money. Although this made me satisfied for a month or two it always faded away and I began to realize that my intentions were not aligned to what would actually make me happy ("Mo money, mo problems!")

Now that I enjoy what I do in life, setting goals and making plans for the year ahead is an exciting task and not something I feel disheartened about. I have learned so much about myself in the last year as I have been challenging myself to develop. I have been aware of my struggles, my patterns, my triggers. I want to become a better person. I want to continue growing.

So here are my Intentions for 2018

Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl suggests splitting your intentions into 4 categories;

1: Business,

2: Health&Body,

3: Personal Development

4: Love

Definition of intention

1: a determination to act in a certain way

I believe it all begins with an intention. Intention is higher thought that sets no limitation on the mind and body's abilities. I enjoy goal setting for smaller tasks in life but the big stuff requires belief and purpose.

Under each main intention I add specific action items or changes that I want to make or sub-goals to help me get there. I consider my list below my overall game plan for 2018!

So here goes...

Intention: Work Smart & Hard. This year will be largely dedicated to the business. The majority of our time will be spent making it as successful as possible, developing long lasting relationships with our clients and delivering the best service out there.

  • 15 Clients for

  • Reach 10k + followers on Instagram

  • Work smarter and harder

  • Successful & growing Blog :)

  • More traffic flowing towards the website

  • Complete 2 charitable events one for the DSPCA and one for Pieta House

  • Coverage in Newspapers and Magazine

  • Aligning/supporting with a healthy food brand

  • Wellfest

  • Plan a Wellness Retreat

  • 1,000+ e-mail subscribers to the newsletter

  • Profitable ( i won't go into the exact details here)

  • Passive Income Streams

**I have subdivided these overall goals into weekly and monthly bite-size and achievable chunks - I won't bore you with those details ;) **

Health & Body

Intention: Consistent self love and care

  • Morning Routine: I have had many positive morning routines in the past year. I think where I have gone wrong is how much time I spent on that routine. My new routine is 30 mins long. 1: Meditation 2: Read for 20 mins 3: Gratitude and that's it! This is super achievable for me and will mean less chance of failure. If I have extra time I will expand that morning routine with other things but for now 30 mins is what's works for my lifestyle!

  • Exercise: I used to exercise mid-morning which I thoroughly enjoyed but I am now going to transfer to a more early morning start. This means I get more of the day to myself and the business and less rushing around. I hate rushing.

  • Baths: I adore a boiling hot bath. I have a bath that is so dusty from no use. They were something that used to make me feel so relaxed and I got enough bath bombs for Christmas to justify a bath every other day :)

  • Less Alcohol: I am doing dry January and am then going to only drink on occasions aka birthdays etc... No more random bottles of wine in the kitchen for no reason whatsoever :D

  • Yoga - More yoga. Always more yoga ;) I am doing a teacher training at the end of January in Berlin with Noah Maze which I am so excited for. I am also going to practice at home 5/6 times a week now that I have a beautiful space to practice in #blessed

  • Food: Doing my best to eat the best sourced foods out there. Less is more! Buying better quality products and less of them.

Loving my body no matter what.

Love and Personal Development

Intention: Love and Acceptance

I have combined the two as they hand in hand for me.

  • Relationship: Prioritizing my relationship with George always. Making sure we have date night once a week!

  • Accepting compliments and joy: I am terrible at accepting praise and gifts (although I am getting slightly better). I don't know what it is. I can accept an insult no bother!!! I am going to plan more events that are geared around celebrating me ( I hate even writing that sentence) first one will be my birthday as I never celebrate it. Second will be an accomplishment. eeek

  • Manifest new friendships: As I have gotten older I have had to accept that some friendships are just not meant to last the journey. We all grow and change and that's fine. There is so many amazing souls out there and we are all seeking connection. I want this to be the year of amazing new friendships.

  • Yoga Training: I plan to do two this year. First one is already booked with Noah Maze in Berlin at the end of January and the second one will either be in August or September..... not sure where yet! All suggestions welcome

  • Less Criticism: I can be quite critical on myself and therefore to those around me. I have being practicing acceptance for some time now and am getting better and better. I am going to practice being less critical of myself and accepting of those around me.

  • Loving those who have hurt me: This all goes back to practicing acceptance. I have struggled with this in the past year. I have gone on the attack when someone has said something negative or has done something that I perceive to be hurtful. I don't want to be weighed down by the negative. It takes up to much time and head-space. (another blog post to come on that)

I have to say.....

It is always a scary thing to put your strengths and weaknesses out there but It feels amazing to write all this down on paper. Somethings in my life flow beautifully and others need more work. Such is life. I want a strong body and a strong business – but to keep a soft heart.

If you are struggling with the endless goal setting why not borrow the titles from above and set some intentions for the year ahead.

Good luck beautiful people and see you in 2018.



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